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SERIOUSLY long time since I've posted.

So I warned you all that I was going to slack off for awhile. Today was my seminar presentation. It went alright. Not as well as I had hoped, but it's hard to appear organized when your partner NEVER WANTS TO MEET [seriously?]. So I get done with my presentation and [seriously] have this epiphany: "OMG I haven't been on lj in like 2 weeks!!!!"

I don't know if it's really been that long. My sense of time has been [seriously] lacking as of late. I feel like I'm moving into NYC tomorrow. I wish I was moving to NYC tomorrow.

So one last apology before I move on. Sincere regrets here, friends. I'll hopefully go through and comment after this is done.

School is going well. I got an extension on my [seriously] long paper, because it was due two days before my sem presentation, but mostly because the guy is a HUGE pushover. I had a paper and an exam for my communications ethics class too. Ugh it was a rough week. And it's only Wednesday [seriously?]!

My friend Amanda and I decided that we're going to work on our own recital for the end of the semester (in addition to the normal studio recital). I'm [seriously] pumped about it because 1) My voice has improved immensely since I've started voice with Corrie and 2) Because she said we didn't have to do any classical pieces and we could focus on musical theater. Rock on! She said she did want us to do some of the stuff from older musicals, but we put in some [seriously] hard work finding stuff that wasn't too well known. Old people will probably recognize it, but at least we're not doing anything from Oklahoma(!). 

My internship is going AMAZINGLY. I'm at 107 hours which is way ahead of a lot of people that I know who are doing internships at other places. Before Spring Break that was the biggest cause for stress, but now it's easy peasy. And after all that work over break, people are treating me more like part of the team, which is [seriously] fantastic.

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone else. And I will definitely try to not space out so much in the future!

Off to comment while Sophie finishes up karate class!

<3 Erin

Mar. 12th, 2009

Ah I feel like I haven't posted in FOREVER. It's Spring "Break" at school. Which is laughable because really it just means that I'm working 12 hours a day straight because I go straight from the opera to babysitting. Plus last weekend was non-stop opera and babysitting and other odd jobs. So I'm not getting the schoolwork done that I was hoping to do. So frustrating. I just have to keep reminding myself that in 2 months I'll be moving all of my things into a Brooklyn apt and leaving all of this unnecessary stress behind me. word.

So yeah sorry for being such a lame-o when it comes to comments and posting. Things will def improve after this week is over (or will hopefully improve I guess...) I do have a lot of work coming up. Here's what I need to get done in the next week or so.

--Finish my internship journal and send it out
--Send out my resume to 10 different NYC companies
--Read for and Prep my seminar presentation (on the 25th)
--Start my seminar paper (once I figure out what it's going to be on... ugh)

So that doesn't seem like a lot, but all of that on top of what I need to do day to day might kill me before all is said and done.

On happier news, I'm pumped about March Madness. Go 'Cuse!

<3 Erin


 So first, some good news...


And by huge compliment, I mean she said it looked really good. but she's one of those women who doesn't tell you you've done a good job unless she's really impressed.

Another random list of things I love, compiled while I served as bouncer for the "special patrons parking lot" across the street from the theater.

1) Old Couples
2) Grand Occasions (the reason I love reading Edith Wharton novels, I think)
3) Making people's day by being courteous and polite
4) Cool Spring air right at the onset of dusk
5) Not wearing a coat

So running simultaneously with the Opera (which was AMAZING, BTWs) was a Performance by Larry the Cable Guy. This might make me a bad person, but while I was standing outside the lot I played a game called Larry the Cable Guy or Syracuse Opera. I tried to guess which they might be going to based on their cars and what they were wearing.

As a side note, I kind of had an issue with the "special patrons parking" situation. I'm torn. Remind me to write about elitism. And don't forget to tell me to mention Bill Maher either...

Hope everything is great with everyone!!! 




I'm currently babysitting. Watching Sophie do Karate. Sometimes I hate it, but babysitting really is the easiest job ever 90% of the time.

So a little update. I need a new keyboard on my laptop (it's a dell-ugh!). My Q key shorted out and hasn't worked for awhile now (ponder that one haha) and the other day my dog got really excited and jumped up onto my bed, landed on my keyboard, and knocked the x-plate off (what's the technical term? hell if I know). So yeah. I'm hoping it won't be too much of a hassle (read: I hope I don't have to mail it in.) because I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my PC.

In other news I got a new phone. It's the new LG Versa and it's fantastic. I won't go on and on about it because I'm not usually a gadget freak. I have what I have and I like it. But suffice it to say that it's about 10000x better than my old razor haha.

At the Opera the other day I was put in charge of the Project: Little Women recruiting table at the show this weekend. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's the most responsibility I've been given so far this year. So I'm pretty pumped about it because I think that I did a pretty good job. We'll see tomorrow when Christine and Cathy (the general and artistic director) see it. nerve-wracking!

In othe, and completely ordinary news, the video rental store next door to this karate place is going out of business, so I'm looking forward to dragging Sophie along while I look f or some sweet deals. If I find anything good I'll let you guys know!

Hope all is well with everyone!!!


So while I was in NYC, I just made lists of things I love or hate throughout the day. To save you from the potential boredom and strained eyes, I won't get into it. If you're intrigued, comment and I'll edit and elaborate on some.

Things I love:
--used bookstores
--Discount clothiers
--Walking all day (seriously)
--navigable subways
--A Cabbie with a GPS
--Neighbors loud music
--Helping tourists
--Half price food at Bubba Gumps

Things I hate:
--When people clap as an airplane lands
--EVERYONE IN Times Square (esp. those who drag along their kids younger than 6)
--The slow and painful death of the Broadway Musical
--Uncertainty about the future
--A Cabbie without a GPS
--Not being in NYC

In other news, I get my new phone tomorrow, and I have no idea what I should get. I want something that allows me to check my email and FB. I have verizon so I can't get an iPhone unfortunately. I'm thinking a Blackberry but I'm not sure that that's the best bet. I like the design of the LG Voyager and Dare, but I've heard a lot of bad things about them from people who have them. So basically I'm clueless haha. Anyone an expert on things like this? Any help is appreciated.

The diet is failing right now. So that's going to be top priority in the upcoming week. I need to start finding time to work out. Fo' Sho'

I suppose that's all. I'm back in Syracuse. 1 week until Spring Break (I'm not going anywhere, just working at the Opera for like 40 hours). 11 weeks until graduation. Hopefully it goes fast!



So I'm in the Syracuse airport, waiting for my plane to take me to NYC for a quick visit with Kasey. Just a day, but I'll take anything I can get at this point. My mom had some frequent flyer miles that were going to expire so she just gave them to me to use. Which is pretty freaking sweet.

Anyway. No real news to report. Surprisingly this semester so far has not been terrible. Depite my best efforts to completely blow off schoolwork, I have A averages in Media Layout, Comm Ethics, AND my Eng 400 seminar. SHOCKING I know... My internship is pass fail but I think I have to start being productive for that class because those people will be great references if I get them to like me haha.

I also need to get cracking on resumes and applications for jobs, programs, and internships for the summer. I think that if I have something in place for the summer then my mom will be way more likely to be helpful and accommodating with the whole move into the city. So that really should be a top priority for me. Next week for sure.

A cut about nostalgiaCollapse )

Flights about to board, so I guess that's all. I'll post about the trip (with pictures?) on Monday... maybe tomorrow night.

<3 Erin

On laziness and other things...

So I'm here at my internship with the Syracuse Opera. Which i not as glamorous as it seems. It's actually just a lot of killing time more or less, but hopefully it will beef up my resume enough that I'll be able to actually get a job after graduation. If there are even any theaters open in NYC when I graduate. This economy is ridiculous. I wish I had more to report, guys, but I don't haha. Mayhaps life will get interesting soon. For now, I'm looking forward to this weekend in NYC.

Okay so I'm back. I really am hoping to make this blog work. Sorry to all the lj friends for being such a flake.

So I'm in the final push at Le Moyne and I'm hoping to use this to chronicle that transition. So hopefully it will make for some interesting reading for all of you. I mean, we're talking issues such as: Finding my way in a career that's dying because the economy is on life support; finding an apartment in NYC; moving in with a roommate that I've only known for a year; Leaving Syracuse permanently and saying goodbye to friends and family and safety nets. That's good shit right there.

So here are things that I'm looking to accomplish before I move (May 18th):
--Lose 25 lbs.
--Find a job in NYC

(not too much to ask, I think). Right now I'm supposed to be writing an 8 page paper due tomorrow afternoon. But I'm not because I can't bring myself to do it. Hopefully I'll be motivated after this blog but we'll see. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. a test at 1030, class at 1230, voice at 130, grabbing lunch and working out until babysitting at 600 then home for homework. Hopefully I won't be absolutely exhausted at that point. I'm working towards this weekend, during which I will be making my way down to NYC  for a couple of days to visit Kasey (my future roommate) and just relax for awhile.

Alright I suppose that will be all for now, but if I get blocked I shall return!

Until then,