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On laziness and other things...

I like taking up the stairs. Plain and Simple. I don't think it's any sort of accomplishment; I get really irritated when people act like it is. I think really it's a matter of not being lazy to the point of being disgusting. So stop being proud of yourself. It's sad that stairs aren't more available, rather than elevators or escalators. Obviously I recognize the necessity for elevators--I just don't understand why we can't also have stairs. I might go so far as to blame the lack of stairs for American Obesity.

All of this was brought up by a key argument that my future roommate and I are currently having. We're starting to search for apartments for when her current lease is up (at the end of July). She doesn't make a lot. Not that I will be either, but to have a nicer apt my mom would help me out a little bit starting out. But anyway, she's the reason that our budget is under $2000/month (which is pretty low for NYC). So I'm finding some okay apts in nice areas that are in our price range. but she doesn't like them. and the reason is.... they're all in walk-ups. no elevator in the building... DUN DUN DUN!

Like I said, I don't hate elevators. I just think that no elevator in building should not be a deal-breaker. And my reasons are three-fold.

1. Lots of people say that it's a pain for groceries. Well, neither of us really likes to cook. and we're going to be living in NYC. So honestly, I feel like we'll be bringing home small items and ordering out a lot. PLUS she works in a restaurant in times square and gets 50% off all food. So why does our kitchen have to be stocked?

2. It's built-in cardio. Seriously. If you live on the third floor, you're walking up 2 flights of stairs everyday. That on top of not having money to buy a lot of food=instant diet and exercise. which is just an added bonus to me.

3. There are so many other things to worry about before you think about the actual building. To me, being on a bad train, or far away from a train, or in an unsafe location are all things to complain about more than whether or not you have to walk up a flight of stairs.

Am I crazy here? Let me know.



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Feb. 27th, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)

I'm moving to Chicago, and my parents are freaking out about the buildings being walk-ups. And I don't get it either. I like that. So it might be a pain to move in... But I'm only moving in once, right? No worries for awhile.

And god knows I need all the exercise I can get. :P

So, no. You aren't crazy. Not in the slightest.
Feb. 27th, 2009 01:03 am (UTC)
Tell them you're less likely to be robbed because no one is going to walk up 4 flights for stuff they can get on the first floor.

I don't think moving in is even the issue really. My roomie usually hires movers anyway my family is a bunch of DIYers but I'm looking to buy most of my furniture down in the City and have it delivered to the apt. I'm sleeping on the convertible sofa until we sign the new lease haha. I don't know we're going to have to duke it out eventually.
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