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Through to Something New

9 December 1985
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I'm 23 years-old and I'm currently finishing up my BA at Le Moyne college in Syracuse, NY. I'm a Communications major there with a minor in music. I'm hoping that after I (finally) graduate, I'll get some sort of job in theatre administration or a similar such job. My life goal is to produce. I'm currently living at home with my beautiful Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix, Bogart, while my parents work out of town. This journal used to be just for icons that I made, but I haven't been doing that in a long while and thought I'd just start using it for normal old blogging. I got behind last Spring but I'm starting it back up with the knowledge that my writing needs some serious help. Adds are welcome. I'm hoping to get back into the icons here and there though. I'm a novice photoshop user. I used to love making icons so I'm hoping that I CAN get back into it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE credit in keywords, or at least keep in mind who made it when people ask. that would be super-b kids. I will randomly take requests at times, maybe a post here and there, or if you just want to comment anytime, and I'll see if I can get it done right away, or at worst I'll add it to my list of things to do. (but I'll probably just get it done). Requests are more easily fulfilled if you provide the image, or even the idea. ALSO, I encourage feedback, comments, friending, and the like, because then I know I'm getting my icons out there and people are seeing them... I mostly do broadway stuff but sometimes I'll get inspired and I have a few movies on my list that I want to icon.

I use some brushes made by bunny_icons, darkislight, deceptive_night, dojie, echac, eightyfour, oh_pants, icons_with_love, inexorablyhere, jolipapier, kalijean, carbon_paper, lovetheories, miggy, orchidicons, hecatesknickers, saniagreenleaf, syndarys, and theatresphynx and fonts from fontgarden.com and dafont.com